We have installed pools since 1977. We typically take 14 business days to completely install your pool and have it ready for your enjoyment. We are licensed and insured and personally perform all of the tasks involved in your pool’s install and in-pool lighting. Should your property and design require additional lighting, elaborate landscaping, or a mechanical contractor, we will coordinate the project with the other contractors.

We take great pride in our work and treat your pool as if it was our very own.



It is always exciting to open pools for customers. Here is a description of the process:

  • Remove cover
  • Remove debris from pool
  • Remove protective plugs from jets
  • Add start-up chemicals
  • Start pumps and filters
  • Careful inspection of equipment
  • Fold up cover


Closings (Winterizing):

Proper winterizing protects a pool throughout our harsh Michigan winters. Here is a description of the process:

  • Remove water
  • Blow water out of the pump and filter lines
  • Add necessary pool chemicals
  • Add antifreeze to pump and skimmer
  • Install cover


Weekly Maintenance:

Weekly maintenance is necessary, whether we do it for you, or you do it yourself.

  • Test water
  • Add chemicals for proper balance
  • Clean debris out of the bag on pool cleaning robot
  • Backwash pump and filter
  • Empty the skimmer basket


Repairs/Replacements for Pools and Hot Tubs:

Pool Repairs:

After the test of time and harsh winters, a pool liner may need repair. Our first step is to determine the issue at hand.

If there is a leak in the plumbing, we will pressure test your equipment and then recommend a repair or replacement. If there is a leak in the liner, we will send a diver into your pool to determine the exact location and then repair the liner at that point. Pool Liner Replacement:

Depending on the age of the liner and the balance of chemicals in the pool, a liner may need replacement after 15 to 20 years. This is a multi-step process where we:

  • Carefully measure your pool
  • Provide samples of liners for you to choose from
  • Order your liner and monitor its shipment to keep your project on schedule
  • Pump all water out of your pool
  • Touch up the bottom
  • Install the liner
  • Pressure test plumbing lines
  • Replace face plates for skimmer, gaskets, and main drain
  • Coordinate delivery with water company
  • Add chlorine and stabilizer

Hot Tub Repair:

Should there be an issue with your hot tub, we will come out to your home and troubleshoot the source of the malfunction. If it is a leak, we will locate the actual location of the leak and repair that area.

Additionally, we offer a service where we can clean your spa filter every six months. Just call 989.781.3352 or email us to set up your appointment.

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